GalapagosPEX is a global company that creates media & entertainment platforms to scale positive change in our society

alain s.
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Alain S. Levi, is a Brazilian 25-year marketing industry expert and successful serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in entertainment, content, and experiential marketing. His ambitious goal is to reinvent the way the world addresses social issues through Galapagos PEX’s Initiatives.

Under his leadership MOTIVARE has completed over 10,000 projects with more than 5,000 events throughout Brazil and abroad and RISADARIA Festival, a comedy festival that for eight years has honored the cultural heritage of Brazil through humor, has become the largest humor event in the world.


Jarbas Agnelli is a multimedia artist who uses film, photo, illustration, and music to communicate ideas. Internationally recognized for his work, he has directed over 450 films, the majority of which utilize his unique mix of special effects and alternative filming techniques .Jarbas’ work garnered him several national and international awards (Cannes, Clio, NY Festival, Andy and El Ojo). In 2001 he won the Grand Prix at Clio for his spot “The Week”, as well as 3 Gold Lions (direction, creation, and soundtrack of the piece). His viral work “Birds on the Wires” was picked as one of the Top 25 best videos on Youtube by the first ever Youtube Play Guggenheim - A Biennial of Creative Videos. The video has been viewed millions of times online and was exhibited at the Guggenheim museums in New York, Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice. Jarbas also did the viral video "The City of Samba", a tilt-shift time-lapse short about Rio de Janeiro and Carnival, which was produced in collaboration with the Australian photographer Keith Loutit.

Both ,“Birds on the Wires” and “The City of Samba”, became TED talks (TEDxSP and TEDxRio 20) where Jarbas gave speeches and performed with a small orchestra.









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